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I recently had to deal with a discrimination issue based on a chronic health situation. I interviewed 3 different lawyers and 2 of them responded with unclear advice and were unsure how to proceed. Mike knew exactly how to handle the situation,  was able to leverage his many years of experience to offer up a solution I hadn't considered, and accurately predicted how my former employer would respond. The end result was I got exactly what I was hoping for and now have closure to the whole situation and can move past this stressful experience. 


Michael Jacobson won an L&I denial for me. He was upfront and very knowledgeable about what was needed to affect a positive outcome for me. He knew just what information he needed to obtain from the doctors I had seen and didn't waste time with issues that were not pertinent to the case. The case was with the State of Alaska and Mr. Jacobson is familiar with their L&I laws. We didn't even have to go to court as the information Mr. Jacobson presented was enough for a settlement in my favor.


He stood with me from start to finish in the frightening legal world. His guidance and patience were a true blessing. ALSO, Olivia is a treasure! She spoke with me on the phone for an hour - listening to my situation. She was instrumental in the end results of which I am pleased!!! Thank you Mike and Olivia.


Mike really worked closely with me on a very complex issues. He provided really excellent input into the legal strata and when combined with documentation that I was able to provide created a winning formula.



In 2023, Mike secured citizenship for a 20 year LPR with a complex history. Mike persuaded the government adjudicators that a removal order and appointed Immigration judge were not needed to adjudicate the question of his citizen family's extreme and unusual hardships were he removed from the USA. 


Mike secured a $340,000 settlement from the Idaho Department of Corrections for his clients who complained of sexual quid pro quo harassment and violations of their 14th and 1st Amendment rights.


USDC of Idaho Case Number CV 167 BLW

Mike brought about a $450,000 damage payment to his client for civil rights act retaliation from Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano.


Case No C09-01379

Mike was able to get 5-year entry ban reversed and L-Visa reinstated for a business owner wrongfully stopped when crossing the US Border​.


Mike successfully brought about an Order Confirming Class Action Settlement which allowed $425,000 to be distributed to Latino workers for unpaid wages, double unpaid wages, overtime wages, double overtime wages, unfunded insurance benefits, and legal fee reimbursements withheld from their employer.


Snohomish County Case No. 04-2-06486


In Dewey v. Seattle School District No. 1,

Mike secured a $343,000 judgment for his client after a six-day discrimination trial.


King County Case No. 93-2-18677-9

Mike brought about the reinstatement of a NEXUS trusted traveler border crossing card that had been banned.​


In Bohon v. Arco, Mike presented trial testimony that prompted the Court of Appeals to instruct the trial judge to find the defendant committed disability discrimination. On appeal of the award amount, the claim settled with the amount under seal.


King County No. 86-2-18134-2

In Hahn v. Yale, Mike secured from the Court of Appeals a reversal in part with instructions to enter a judgement in favor of Mike's client and for the defendant to pay Mike's client's legal fees.


Court of Appeals Docket No. 37839-2-I

​Mike brought about the issuance of a family member green card for a permanent resident held in detention as a wrongly accused deportable violent offender. Mike's client was freed and the charges dismissed.​



I reached out to Michael after having a tough USCIS interview about my I-751 case. He can write me a pages long persuasive document after hearing my story over one virtual meeting! ...Michael stayed as my lawyer even after I got the Intent to Deny Notice from the USCIS. ...Through extensive research and analysis, he compiled multiple similar cases into a memo response to the Intent to Deny Notice...The approval of my case by the USCIS stands as a testament to Michael’s invaluable work.



I started my application process for citizenship in 2017. Now after almost 6 years it was finally approved. There really is not any words that would describe the patience, compassion, and professionalism that Michael exhibited. My family and I will always be thankful to Michael and his team.


I had an L1 visa for the US but unfortunately got stuck in Canada because of some complications. Our lawyer worked very quickly and professionally and got our case resolved.


The best customer service available, he was always responsive and answered all my questions promptly. Although I speak minimal English he always showed me the utmost respect and patience when dealing with me and my personnel.


My experience with Mr. Jacobson was satisfactory and efficient. Documents were prepared flawlessly and exceeded my expectations.


Mike was wonderful and provided great support to my case. I am very thankful to him for all the work he did to help me during my immigration process. Would definitely recommend his work to a friend if I have the opportunity.


Everyone at this firm made the process very VERY palatable. Providing documents
was smooth, response time was prompt, and deliverables were of high quality. I could not have asked for a better experience and am more than satisfied with the outcome.
My most sincere thanks to everyone that was part of the process, especially in these times of uncertainty.


I’ll highly recommend this attorney and his office to any person who is looking for
immigration services with positive results and kind service. I’ll work with Michael and
his team again if I need it. Excellent.


DISCLAIMER: It would be unwise to believe that your case will have the results described on this page simply because they have been achieved in other cases. Each case is different; the product of different facts and circumstances. No person can predict the outcome of your case based upon a past experience. Representative experiences are reported above solely to illustrate the breadth of and extent of the lawyer's experience.

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